Salary Negotiation Letter

Salary Negotiation Letter If you are reading this, it means that you are already in the negotiation step and that you are pretty close of signing a great job offer deal. Salary negotiation is important and although some people believe that every step of a job interview should be done in person, a negotiation letter can be pretty good if you write it well. There is also another situation in which a negotiation letter can be great and it is when you want a raise.

How to write a salary negotiation letter

There are people that decide to avoid this topic and run for the first company offer, although they secure the position they might lose a lot of money without a negotiation. Using cover letter template is a way for you truly a professional representation your skills, experience and what salary do you want for this job.

Before doing a salary negotiation letter you have to know some key aspects:

  • Compare your salary with others: You have to do a comparison between you salary and the salary of other people, but people that live in the same place your company is working and that do the same work as you. Remember salary change according to the geographic location and occupation.
  • A research is important: doing a little research about the job position will show that you are a pretty good candidate, that you can be reliable and that you are prepared for future situations.

Once you have set these two aspects you can make a salary negotiation letter.

Although the letter is pretty useful, there is no right way of writing one, here you are going to find a model that most people use when trying to negotiate a salary.

First place your information

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

Subject: Your Name – Regarding: Position that you interviewed for

Name of your interviewer
City, State, Zip Code

Body of the letter

  • First paragraph, where you show your interest in the position and that with the experience that you have the company will have no more than benefits.
  • Second paragraph, here you are going to begin the negotiation, so it is important that you talk about the current proposal and talk about YOUR proposal. Your proposal has to have strong backup support information, such as: average salaries. You can also write about how you will benefit the company.
  • Third paragraph and onward, the rest of the letter is for negotiate every point where you think you can do so. It is important that you do it like the paragraph number two, and with strong support information.
  • Closing paragraph, this is the goodbye part where you should say that you want to accept the job offering if the terms of some of the negotiation are accepted (you have to be flexible in this item but not too much). It is important that you close the paragraph saying that you want to get together to discuss the letter.

Extra advice: it is a great idea that you know the situation of the business you can know which of the points can be accepted and which of them are not.

Thank you part and extra information:

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Your Signature
Your Name