Washington Minimum Wage

Washington Minimum Wage The minimum wage in Washington is $9.04; it is higher than the minimum wage in other states and it is applicable to agricultural and non-agricultural jobs. However, other type of regulations about salary and payment are very much the same as in all other states. Overtime payments have some exceptions for specific types of industry and business as well as some healthcare providers for which overtime pay is denied.

Salaries are also variable depending on the industry, experience, knowledge, location and age. Under 16 years old workers can be paid only 85% of the minimum wage, and under 14 years old workers are not allowed at any circumstances.

In the case of tipped jobs employers are not allowed to count tips as a way to get to the minimum wage.

Workers in Washington earn higher salaries than most workers around the United States. However, a personal banker in Walla-Walla may earn $19,584 while a cook can get to earn $29,058, and a chiropractor in Yelm can earn as much as $38,730; so, it depends more on the number of hours than the type of work that is done.

Washington Minimum Salary per Hour:$ 9