Vermont Minimum Wage

Vermont Minimum Wage Vermont is one of the few states in USA that have a high minimum salary, in comparison with the minimum wage established by the government (7.25 dollars per hour). In contrast to almost all the estates in this country the minimum salary in Vermont is 8.46 dollars per year.

As you know there are some exemptions when it comes to receiving that type of minimum wage: If you are 20 years old or less you will earn as the minimum salary 4.25 dollars per hour (It could be different from the company), Part-time Student Minimum Wage applies to students who work part-time and they must receive $7.19 per hour, In Vermont the tipped is one of the highest in all the country is 4.10 dollars per year.

The overtime pay for people who work more than 40 hours per a week is $12.69 per hour this does not apply for external sales people have their own schedule and therefore, they cannot receive overtime pay. For all people that have irregular hours and executives and managers cannot receive overtime pay.

Vermont Minimum Salary per Hour:$ 8