District of Columbia Minimum Wage

District of Columbia Minimum Wage As the name says, the minimum wage in the District of Columbia is the minimum amount employers are allowed to pay their employees. There are two types of minimum wages: the federal wage and the state wage. The federal wage is set by the national government and in current days, it is $7.25 per hour, while the state wage varies according to the state. Employees of states which have a minimum wage different from the federal one have to pay the highest one, regardless which one it is.

For example the District of Columbia has minimum wage of $8.25 per hour. It exceeds the federal wage in one dollar, so employers have to pay their employees the Columbia’s wage because it is the highest. All employees must at least receive this amount; however when they work more than 8 hours in a day, the minimum wage increases to $12.38 per hour.

District of Columbia Minimum Salary per Hour:$ 8