Lowest Average salaries

Personal income is an individual’s total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources. In USA the most widely cited personal income statistics are the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s personal income and the Census Bureau’s per capita money income. These are the cases with the worst Average Salary.

Leave your job

If you are working in one of these states and think that your salary is too low, you can leave it and start a new job application process.

When the time comes to finally depart from a job, it's very important to remain professional. Before you even reach that point however, you need to figure out whether resignation is actually right for you. When you are leaving a job, then you need to give a notice of resignation. The resignation letters will show that you are unhappy at your job for various reasons and that you would like to step down at a stated time.

Understand first that once you leave from a job that it is also permanent. Instances of an employee actually going back to a job from which he or she has resigned from are few and far in between. Even if you resign in the best manner there is still no going back.

Top States with Lowest Average Salaries

This Lowest Average Salaries list have been made given an average salary of between $ 15.000 - $ 3.000.

Kentucky Average Salary

Kentucky Ranked among the most populous US states, Kentucky is home to large automotive manufacturer companies. If you are interested in job opportunities offered by this state, we recommend that you take a look at this website. Here we gathered factual data on highest paid jobs in the state of Kentucky, and other information related to salaries categories in this state. For instance, you can take a look at pharmacist salary or accountant minimum wage in this state.

Whether you need information about the average salary or the highest paid jobs, this website can help. Add to this, you can have a close look at salary comparisons between salaries from diverse industries. There is also the salary resources section for your convenience. Here you can access to great tips for salary negotiation and salary negotiation requirements and use some samples of salary negotiation letters.

Average salary in Kentucky: $ 14.096

Mississippi Average Salary

Mississippi If you are checking other job, have a look at this site in order to know how much employers engaged in such industry pay. After that you can make a better decision. This website not only provides users with information about salary rankings by industries, but also recommendations for salary negotiation and salary negotiation letters. Moreover, there is the salary comparison section, where you can compare salaries from different fields.

Whether you are a nurse or a teacher, here you will factual data on salaries in the education and healthcare industries. Therefore, if you are looking for a better job in other industries, we recommend that you take a look at this site and read hot tips for salary negotiation. As a user you can compare salaries by profession. Browse through this site and put into practice these pieces of advice.

Average salary in Mississippi: $ 13.838

Colorado Average Salary

Colorado The state of Colorado offers a large number of job opportunities for professionals from different fields. If you consider moving to the Golden State, in this website we provide you with key information about salaries within this state. Take a look at this site and become well-informed about professionals’ salaries. Use the calculator salary tool and have access to reliable salary data by state and industry. Moreover, you can compare salaries from different industries and states, for instance, you can compare art salaries in Colorado with art salaries in Alabama.

Furthermore, you can access to useful information about salary negotiation requirements, as well as tips for salary negotiation. Before accepting a salary offer, it is better to know what the average salary is. Therefore, here you can look at salary rankings and compare entry level salaries and human resources salaries in this state. Remember that salaries vary greatly from state to state, so you need to know what the salary you can expect from an employer based in Colorado is.

Average salary in Colorado: $ 12.932

Pennsylvania Average Salary

Pennsylvania The state of Pennsylvania is home to worldwide renowned corporations that generate hundreds of job opportunities. If you want to enter to the fiercely competitive labor market of Pennsylvania, you should know salary trends in this state first. This website will provide you with a great deal of information about average salary ranges, minimum wage and highest paid jobs within this area. Remember that there is the salary resources section where you can get up-to-date information about salary levels.

If you want to know which industry pays high salaries, check out these salary rankings. Additionally, there is the salary resources section where you can get relevant information about salaries by career and industry. This site also provides you with a whole gamut of salary resources, including tips for salary negotiation, articles about net salary and gross salary in the state of Pennsylvania.

Average salary in Pennsylvania: $ 12.205

Connecticut Average Salary

Connecticut For those who are in the job search process, here we listed all salary rakings in the state of Connecticut. Moreover, in this website we have included some salary resources such as salary negotiation tactics and salary negotiation requirements. Here you can search and compare salary rankings from diverse industries, inter alia, healthcare, gaming, financial services, automotive, advertising, architecture, and agriculture, to mention but a few. Access to reliable data on salary rankings and make comparisons between salaries from different states and industries.

In case you are not sure about how much and accountant earn in the state of Connecticut, we recommend that you take a look at this site. First of all, this site provides you with up-to-date information about accountants’ average salary in Connecticut. Add to this, you can compare accounting salaries in different industries. In this way you can see how much you can earn in the financial services industry or in the manufacturing industry.

Average salary in Connecticut: $ 10.199

Arizona Average Salary

Arizona For those who consider working in the state of Arizona, we recommend to have a look at this website before taking such important decision. Here we gathered all information about salaries in this state. For instance, users can access to salary rankings by industry, that is to you can find out how much professionals like you earn in a variety of industries, inter alia, healthcare, gaming, engineering, education, and biotechnology, to name but a few.

Before accepting or declining a salary offer, it is recommendable to navigate through this website and check out salary rankings and listings of highest paid jobs in Arizona. Additionally, you can look at tips for salary negotiation, and information about Arizona minimum wage. Remember that you can also access to our database of education highest paid jobs in this state, as well as other useful and handy tips. If your job interview is closer, we recommend putting into practice recommendations from the salary section of this website.

Average salary in Arizona: $ 9.294

Nevada Average Salary

Nevada The state of Nevada is plenty of great employment opportunities in a variety of industries. For those interested in moving to this state, here we gathered key information about highest paid jobs and the minimum and average salary by industry. As a user, you have access to our database of salary range and the salary resource section. If you have a job offer in the construction industry, have a look at the Nevada minimum wage and the highest paid jobs within this state.

In case you have more than one job offer, you should compare salaries from different industries. Arm yourself with all facts you need to know when you are in the job search. Here you can compare side by side salaries from different professions. If you need some help with the salary negotiation, have a look at the salary negotiation section.

Average salary in Nevada: $ 4.435

New Hampshire Average Salary

New Hampshire Considered among the least extensive states in the nation, New Hampshire has a strong economy mainly based in the agriculture, energy, and manufacture industry. If you want to work for a company based in this state, we recommend that you check out this section and find out real facts about salary trends by industry. Reading interesting tips for salary negotiation you can be better prepared for job interview.

This website contains all information related to salary range, that is to say, here you will find highest paid jobs in New Hampshire, minimum wage, and listings of average salary by industry and state. Make sure you read all salary negotiation requirements before asking for a salary increase. Add to this, you should put into practice salary negotiation tactics, in this way you have more possibilities of getting the right salary.

Average salary in New Hampshire: $ 3.787

North Dakota Average Salary

North Dakota The state of North Dakota offers good employment opportunities in the agriculture, tourism, healthcare, and energy industries. If you want to enter to this competitive labor market, take a look at this website. Here you will find relevant information about net salary, salary negotiation, and highest paid jobs. In case you need a piece of advice on salary negotiation, got o the salary resource section and navigate through its options.

Whether you are web designer or an aerospace engineer, here you can find the most up-to-date data on aerospace salary range and engineering salary range in North Dakota. Add to this, you get access to interesting articles about salary trends in the state of North Dakota. If you have a salary offer at hand, we recommend that you check out salary comparison. Compare your current salary with your North Dakota counterparts’ salary, and find out which industry pays the highest salaries.

Average salary in North Dakota: $ 3.634

Alaska Average Salary

Alaska Although this country is among the least populous US states, it has strong economy and offers great employment opportunities. In this section we listed top paying jobs and ranked salaries according to industry. If you are looking for salary information in the state of Alaska, it is strongly recommended to have a look at this site and use the Average Salary tool. Whether you are a consulting assistant or nurse, here we provide you with factual information about salary rankings and tips.

Alaskan economy is fueled by many industries; inter alia, agriculture, transportation, and shipping, to name but a few. If you are interested in moving to this state, we recommend that you check out salary rankings and compare salaries using the calculator included in this site. Moreover, here we also provide users with a variety of salary resources, surveys, rankings, listings of Alaska’s highest paid professions, tips for salary negotiation, among other useful information.

Average salary in Alaska: $ 3.230