The advantage of language skills

learn languages In the modern workplace, languages are an important advantage when job-seeking. Skilled communicators are often rewarded by potential employers with a better salary, so it makes sense to practise and improve one’s language skills.

Increasingly, language learners study online. This modern method is popular with busy professionals, with students who do not live near language schools and above all, with those who prefer the flexibility of being able to set their own pace. Online language learning offers lessons tailored to the individual student’s current level, strengths and objectives - taking into account his or her learning progress and the time available to study.

Your virtual classroom – anywhere, any time

Lingualia is a leading language tuition concept that is modern and intuitive, an ideal solution to use for learning languages online. Your language learning virtual classroom facilities are available online anywhere and at your convenience.

You decide your own weekly learning goals based on the time you can commit to learning. Our intelligent system checks your level and introduces new ideas and language lessons gradually, with helpful extra explanations where necessary. There are over 15,000 listening files and a statistics page that allows you to review the progress you have made. Lessons are designed to be interesting and are carefully planned to help you progress to the next level. Learn languages faster with us.

The challenge

Online learning is popular with students who like to explore new language concepts and be adventurous, without worrying about making mistakes in front of others. Lingu (the robot teacher) offers you challenges - play against either a ‘ghost’ or a real opponent. Depending on level, the course includes various activities and topics such as home, travel, food, personalities, family trees, work and jobs, the future, expressing possibility, directions, social expressions, celebrations and a wide range of other lessons on practical and grammatical subjects.

Improved prospects

Improve your future prospects and job salary. Apart from English, many employers and employees value spoken and written Spanish skills, a language which certainly 'opens doors' to new work and business in many parts of the world. If you would like to learn Spanish online, Lingualia can help. With improved fluency, you will be more prepared and have a better chance of being able to find your dream job, communicate with new customers and travel more easily.

Learn without having to leave home, saving travelling time and parking expenses.

Learn Spanish online with us!