Top Ten Best States for High Paying Jobs

Getting hired in today’s tough job market is hard. Landing a position that pays well is even harder. The secret to a successful search for employment that comes with a fat paycheck lies in looking for work in the right places. That’s why we crunched the numbers to identify 10 of the best States for high-paying jobs.


Madison, Wisconsin We know that the average salary in Wisconsin is $37,000, nevertheless there are several jobs where you can make almost the double or even more. For example, an operation manager can make an average salary of $58,000, a construction project manager can make an average salary of $60,000, so as you can see it all depends on how good you are and the job you have.

Some of the best employers in Wisconsin pay salaries that can exceed $100,000 yearly, for example a Healthcare software developer can make up to $113,000 and a mechanical engineer can earn almost the same. An also good example is the University of Wisconsin, where a salary can increase up to $116,000.

Highest Paying Job in Wisconsin: Medical job $174.781


Lansing, Michigan Some of the highest paid jobs in Michigan belong to the business industry. General and Operations managers receive salaries that are close to $170,000, being the average salary $168,920. Advertising and Promotions managers earn $101,600 while sales managers earn $108,230. Administrative managers earn a little less, but they can eventually earn more than the average salary of $81,150. The world of computer technology is continually evolving, and this is why computer and information research scientists can earn $93,710.

Software developers are also important. They earn $83,540. Moving to mathematical occupations, actuaries earn $79,760 while mathematicians earn $97,490. Statisticians earn $79,310. In regard to legal occupations, lawyers earn the highest salary. They have reached an amount of $110,010. The healthcare industry offers excellent options for pharmacists ($113,100) and physicians ($174,610.)

Highest Paying Job in Michigan: Medical job $ 156.126


Sacramento, California If we talk about the highest paying jobs in California the best paid careers are: the medicine, Computer and Systems, administration, accountancy, architecture, Mechanical and Electronic engineering, Industrial engineering, Electrical engineering, the monthly income vary since 100,000.00 to 1,500,000.00 dollars.

The average salary of a Doctor vary depending of the specialty, the average salary of a doctor is approximately 245 thousand dollars per years. The most required specialties are: Anesthesiology, cardiology, pediatrics, neurology and dentistry. But the field of medicine is not the only one well paid. As we said several companies specialized in other areas are outstanding.

In California, managers earn an average salary of $130,000.00 per year, while general and operations managers earn $110,000.00. Natural Science managers earn an outstanding salary of $108,340.00. Other careers that have interesting salaries are careers involved with computer engineering, computer hardware and system engineers earn around $98,000 after tax.

Highest Paying Job in California: Medical job $ 137.221


Annapolis, Maryland In Maryland the best paid jobs are: computer technology, many management positions, healthcare, law and some careers from the education sector. Other important careers are the related with human resources, a manager in human resources is one of the best paying job in Maryland. As everybody know careers related with health industries are the best paid in United States, a Doctor of medicine earn 150 thousand dollars to 300 thousand dollars per year.

Continuing with health care professions, pediatricians earned an average salary of 122 thousand dollars, Psychiatrists earned approximately 150 thousand dollars. Surgeons earned around $ 220 thousand dollars. Other careers that are well paid are the computer and mathematical occupations. In resume we could say that the highest paying jobs in Maryland are the careers related with the medicine.

Highest Paying Job in Maryland: Medical job $ 133.838

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Miami, Florida Some of the best paid jobs in Florida are related to healthcare, education, law, computer technology, business and management. Chief Executives earn an average salary of $187,970 and a mean hourly wage of $87,70. General and Operations Managers earn a little less: $104,330. Marketing managers and sales managers earn $108,930 and $126,940. Industrial production managers also earn good salaries; their average salary is $103,820. Purchasing managers should also belong to this list since they earn an average of $105,570.

Human resources managers are absolutely important for the sustainability of a company, and this is why they are able to earn $101,650. Natural Science managers earn an outstanding salary of $108,340. Actuaries are elemental to any insurance company, and this is why they have been able to earn a salary that averages $101,270. The healthcare industry has also been able to form individuals who earn a solid salary; doctors, for instance, earn an average salary of $201,710.

Highest Paying Job in Florida: Medical job $ 132.903

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District of Columbia

Washington DC, District of Columbia The District of Columbia represents an excellent opportunity for professionals who want to develop a career because there are many fields in which they can work in and obtaining excellent profits. For example, professionals who work in the medical industry especially surgeons, these professionals are the best paid in the district; their annual average salary exceeds the $240,000. Other workers as internists make a little less, around the 230 thousand dollars per year.

Other lucrative careers that have highest paying jobs in District of Columbia are the related with law, the average salary for this professionals is $138,000. The workers with the highest salary in this field are lawyers; they have an annual compensation which is around the 160 thousand dollars per year. People who work in the financial field are also well paid, whether they are financial managers or financial examiners their annual earnings are around the $130,000. Management occupations receive long salaries as well. They exceed the 125 thousand dollars per year.

Highest Paying Job in District of Columbia: Medical Job $ 131.476


Augusta, Maine One of the highest salaries in Maine is the job related with the health industry. Let’s take a look at the healthcare industry first because a lot of medical professionals are the highest paid in comparison to other jobs. For instance, optometrists can earn $123,750. Pharmacists earn $125,310 and podiatrists earn $147,560. Anesthesiologists earn $241,150 and they are actually the highest paid employees along with physicians and surgeons who earn an average salary of $225,290.

Moving to other work sectors, financial managers earn $82,090 and software developers/systems software receives an average salary of $86,610. Computer and information systems managers earn $88,730 and purchasing managers earn $79,520. Other managers may earn an average salary of $83,160. Actuaries earn less than in other states; yet, they are highly paid in Maine with a salary that is close to $70,030. Taking a brief look to the scientific sector, medical scientists earn an average salary of $115,980.

Highest Paying Job in Maine: Medical job $ 131.175


Richmond, Virginia The highest paying jobs in Virginia vary among locations but they are always job positions that require a range of knowledge and experience such as engineering and healthcare.

The capital city of Virginia, Richmond, has the highest salary rates. A software engineer in Richmond can get to earn $914,040 and a business manager as much as $865,000. Specialist physicians can get to earn from $220,000 to $416,000, and less experienced physicians from $175,469 to $150,000.

Tourism is also an important sector of Virginia’s economy, a business manager in tourism can get to earn $121,620

Technology is also an industry that has the highest rates of employment in the state due to the export of computer chips that has the state into one of the principal providers. Biotechnology and nanotechnology are two fields in which to find high paid jobs due to the constant growth in cities like Richmond and Loudoun. People who are working in these fields can get to earn more than $890,000.

Highest Paying Job in Virginia: Medical job $ 130.501


Dover, Delaware The majority of the highest paying jobs in Delaware are related to the medical field. On first place we have the obstetricians and gynecologists; they receive an average annual salary of 235 thousand dollars per years. Anesthesiologists are on second place but just for a little, they receive an annual salary of about $225 thousand and on the third place we find surgeons, these professionals earn $220,000 per year. There are other medical professionals as dentists and internists with excellent salaries as well; their annual salary does not exceed the $210,000.

Among the professions which are not related to the medical field, chief executives are the ones who earn the most, they make around $218,000 per year. Sales managers and marketing managers are the next; the salary of the first ones is around $151,000 while the second professionals receive an annual $146,500 per year. These professionals are the ones who earn the most around the managers professionals. However if we want to talk about a different field we can mention Judges and magistrate whose salary is 125 thousand dollars per year.

Highest Paying Job in Delaware: Medical job $ 129.330


Helena, Montana The highest paid jobs in Montana are usually found in the management sector and in the medical industry. However, we are going to include other jobs that pay as much as the management industry. Chief executives earn $104,800 and general operations managers earn $87,230. Within the business sector, management analysts earn more than other professionals ($71,270) in the financial sector, financial analysts earn well with a salary of $70,240. In computer and mathematical occupations, software developers earn ($70,190) while actuaries are earning $131,370.

Medical Scientists earn a lot of money; they have reached an average salary of $143,610. Taking a look at the healthcare industry, optometrists earn $77,250 and pharmacists earn $102,320. Family and general practitioners earn $154,210 and psychiatrists earn $124,350. Anesthesiologists are paid highly too; they receive an average salary of $204,860. Podiatrists are also able to establish economic goals because they receive a solid salary of $140,690.

Highest Paying Job in Montana: Medical job $ 128.069