Highest Paying Jobs by Category

Medical Jobs

Medical Jobs Medical careers and all those related to healthcare aren’t about money but vocation; however, if you want a lucrative career as you enjoy the service to people we provide you the most accurate information. We must emphasize that although there are some careers best paid than others, it’s also about education and experience accumulated.

Medical careers are usually on tops highest paid jobs lists, and salaries vary depending on location, years of experience, and other factors; but if we talk about the maximum earning potential, some specialties differ greatly.

If you are not sure what medical jobs are out there, or which may be the best fit for you, this list of medical jobs sorted various ways may help you find the job option that is best for you.

Surgeons are high earners and typically neurosurgeons are in the top of the list and they deserve it because of the required investment of time, school, and money are very high some professionals start their careers with huge debts, Anesthesiologist are quite related to surgeons because they specialize in the surgical patients and the management of the pain with anesthesia, obstetrician/ gynecologist specializes in women’s health and gynecologist are specialized in pregnancy and childbirth, cardiovascular perfusionist maintain heart and lung function during open-heart operations, psychiatrists diagnose and treat disorders and abnormalities in the mind, internist general that focus on the non-surgical treatment of disorders in the internal organs, dentist focus on the treatment of all things related to oral cavity.

Highest Paying Medical Job: Wisconsin $ 174.781

Art Jobs

Art Jobs Art careers can be really rewarding, unlike some people might think, and it’s even better if you combine your creativity and artistic talents with computer skills, so artists are not starve these days and a lucrative career won’t mean necessarily that you have to be a performer so the requirements and trainings will be more easily acquired than acting or singing.

You must know that you won´t make a great salary straight out of school, as in any other career, you need to get some experience and be recognized for your work all that requires time. However, there are careers in arts, which can help you in having a really great quality of life, and these are:

Makeup artist for celebrities because they need personal makeup assistants, Visual Effects, Photographer, Songwriter, Art Directors as the upper level executives and generally require a Master of Business administration or a Master of Fine Arts, Animation, Video Game designer and computer design as well as Graphic design are lucrative careers especially if you like computers, Art Agents are experts of the art industry with a good network of contacts in the arts, and we cannot forget those who perform arts which usually become more famous and are great influences.

Highest Paying Art Job: Wisconsin $ 77.702

Science Jobs

Science Jobs Science jobs open many doors for opportunities to develop the hunger of knowledge and discovering for the improvement of mankind and their lifestyle, although it seems we are going to talk about the job and vocation in this section what matter most is getting a high salary, but if you have the skills and curiosity, whether the career you choose, we can ensure that it’ll be equally rewarding.

Some of the best paid jobs can be: Biological scientists that observe and study all forms of life, Petroleum Engineers devise ways to improve oil and gas production. Petroleum engineers are involved in making drilling more economical; Physicists who are not involved exclusively in teaching can be paid a much higher salary by conducting research in physics.

Some people have the wrong image of unpaid lab technicians; but there are several careers that with adequate training, education and experience involve great salaries, university researchers earn well, including those in social sciences which also work as full professors. Geology and Zoology scientists also enjoy of good benefits.

Highest Paying Science Job: Wisconsin $ 76.941

Technical Jobs

Technical Jobs There are Technical jobs that will require a college degree and another that won’t; however, it’s known that as much preparation, education and experience you have, the best salary you’ll reach when working or looking for a job. The most rewarding jobs in Technical sector are maybe those related to IT and Industrial.

IT jobs include Computer network Technician, computer support technician, hardware and software technician, system analyst, programmers, LAN administrator, Support technician and more, those technical careers related to building and construction also provide a good lifestyle. Telecommunications also is a career with future; you can start with simple tasks and get involved with the technology and communications.

Although technical careers take less time to acquire than the profession in a university, you’ll find many benefits for you and your family and continue in constant training in order to know more.

Highest Paying Technical Job: Wisconsin $ 74.741

Driving Jobs

Driving Jobs Driving Jobs payment depends commonly on the location, the route, the vehicle you are driving, the hours and other factors; but if we want to know the highest salaries in this sector we have to research on the extreme situations. The true is that being a driver can be fun due to the people you know and because you have a work with flexible hours; but there are some jobs that require care.

Ice Road Truckers, you don’t know how difficult and dangerous it’s to drive on ice that’s why these drivers earn high salaries; Truck driver in Iraq it’s what we think when talk about danger and they earn obscenely high pay rates for obvious reasons you can be blank of attacks, kidnapping. If you enjoy driving and like being out and about, http://www.aboutdrivingjobs.com/ website be ideal for you. Finding local driving work is easy if you know where to look.

NASCAR Driver as a driver you won’t only became rich but also popular, Test driver is a job for few lucky people you have to test car models taking them to their very limits; Organ Courier is responsible for very delicate transportation such as organs for patients awaiting transplants; Chauffeur for exclusive limousines to transport people to and from social events, you’ll enjoy of a nice car and who knows if you will meet any celebrity.

Highest Paying Driving Job: Wisconsin $ 74.263

Financial Jobs

Financial Jobs If you’ve studied a finance career, there are two ways to get a high paid salary; one is to be involved in managerial responsibilities and the other is by acquiring analytical skills, those two careers share challenging characteristics that include responsibility and consequences if there are mistakes; those aspects makes the highest paid jobs in finances.

However, finance careers offer lucrative and challenging opportunities, for which it’s important, a continued training in technology, and regulations of the government. Financial managers may include the positions of cash manager, banking manager or risk manager design and organize investment and management strategies, while financial analysts evaluate and study financial information and give some kind of consultancy and recommendations.

Other financial careers with high salaries include: Financial advisors, Accountants, auditors, Loan Officers, budgets analysts, and Insurance related jobs.

Highest Paying Financial Job: Wisconsin $ 73.956

Law Jobs

Law Jobs Legal careers and related industries provide many opportunities for people who studied those professions. Salaries in Law industry range from minimum wage to really high salaries depending on the location, market, demand, training, years of experience, employer, and specialty.

Some of the Legal highest paying jobs are related to Attorney-Lawyer occupation, corporate litigators are some of the best paying professionals that reflects the high stakes involved in transactions, and some cases worth millions. Utilizing a Legal Cover Letter Sample is nice to guarantee you are properly showing yourself before you submit an application for another work. Be sure to choose a type of cover letter that reflects how you are requesting the legal employment or the type of job position you are applying.

According to some statistics, lawyers are placed in fourth place of highest paying jobs, right after doctors, surgeons and CEOs. Although all jokes about them, we cannot deny that with the salaries they enjoy, anyone would like to be a lawyer. Law professors enjoy also of great salaries, if you like legal research and share your knowledge this could be a great career for you; consider that you need a number of years of experience and an advanced degree

Highest Paying Law Job: Wisconsin $ 73.553

Accountant Jobs

Accountant Jobs Accountant careers provide many opportunities to find good salaries; it all depends on your experience and training; it’s because after years of experience one can try with management and look for a really lucrative salary. Jobs such as: Accounting Firm Partner, Controller/Finance Director, Audit Manager/Internal Audit, and Forensic Accounting provide high salaries for accountants.

A chief Accounting officer, it’s related to Chief financial officer, both are the highest paid jobs in Accounting and financing careers respectively, they take responsibility of all areas of corporate accounting including budgeting, payroll and auditing. The accounting firm partner is an important position that requires love math and be organized, then according to your company you’ll receive a great salary.

An accounting director works with information of the money going in and out of the company, and controls the accounting staff; if you have the adequate skills for this big job, it’s a great way to see your efforts and experience crowned.

Highest Paying Accountant Job: New York $ 85.070

Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality Jobs As most hotels and restaurants are large chains owned by corporations, the highest paying jobs are those for people in positions of CEO, CFO, and other administration positions; however, other hospitality jobs include besides good salaries other benefits such as: Insurance plans (medical, dental, life, etc), wellness programs, hotel discounts, disability plans and more.

Remember that pleasant jobs call pleasant people, and hospitality requires that kind of people; this industry is a vibrant and rewarding opportunity to develop your career; we consider the following jobs as some of the best-paid: Hotel clerk, Bellhop, meeting and convention planner, concierge, Maids and housekeeping cleaner, Gaming dealer.

Event Planners have a hard work when it comes to organize conventions, negotiating contracts, reviewing menus, creating the adequate atmosphere in order to present great events; Catering managers also might have high-salaries because they control and train catering staff, there are other jobs such those in cruises that provide great salaries.

Highest Paying Hospitality Job: Wisconsin $ 71.788

Energy Jobs

Energy Jobs Although energy industries are not commonly known, if you’re studied any related career, the best option to get some of the highest-paid jobs is to work for the government, specialty if you have knowledge or any specialty in alternative energy matters. In fact the world works all on energy as this industry is so critical; it’s for sure that you can find huge salaries.

One of the highest-paid jobs is Nuclear energy related jobs; a nuclear engineer, for example design, build, and operate nuclear power facilities; it’s not a common career that’s why they're special programs to work in, you might need a Master degree and if it’s possible a Doctorate is even better. Oil and gas engineers works to locate and develop oil or natural gas reserves.

Other interesting and rewarding jobs related to energy industry include: Renewable Energy Jobs, Solar Energy Jobs, Marine Energy Jobs, Hydraulic Energy Jobs that might include the hydraulic engineers that implement system upgrades and improvements for this kind of energy.

Highest Paying Energy Job: Wisconsin $ 71.103