Highest-Paid Job in USA

Wisconsin If you want to a six-figure salary, then study medicine, engineering or business management.

That's the short summary from a list of the 30 highest paying jobs in each of states compiled by SalaryCalculatorTool. Coincidentally, all the best paid jobs belong to the field of medicine.

Medical careers: the Highest Paying field

These careers are booming for two reasons: The population is aging, and people want to live as long as they can in good health, and new health care technologies add considerably to their options and your career opportunities.

Healthcare isn't all about money, but if you want a medical career that pays the highest salary, these jobs may be for you. Of course, these jobs are not obtained the most easily. On average, the higher a salary is, the more education and experience is required.

The enormous healthcare industry provides an array of rewarding, high-paying careers for people without a medical license. Healthcare employees work with caring workers, cutting-edge technology, and patients grateful for their help. There’s rarely a dull moment in the fast-paced world of healthcare.d the most easily. On average, the higher a salary is, the more education and experience is required.

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Average Medical Salary by States:

State Salary
District of Columbia$ 131.476
Maine$ 131.175
Virginia$ 130.501
Delaware$ 129.330
Montana$ 128.069
Utah$ 124.941
Louisiana$ 124.802
Washington$ 124.294
Tennessee$ 124.037
South Dakota$ 123.885
Nebraska$ 123.656
Rhode Island$ 123.452
Kansas$ 123.435
West Virginia$ 123.348
Iowa$ 123.102
New Jersey$ 122.984
Arkansas$ 122.737
North Carolina$ 122.646
Vermont$ 122.533
Oklahoma$ 122.487
Wyoming$ 122.376
Ohio$ 122.367
Minnesota$ 122.311
South Carolina$ 122.107
Illinois$ 122.052
Alabama$ 121.750
Massachusetts$ 121.734
Missouri$ 121.614
Idaho$ 121.605
Oregon$ 121.224