Highest Average Salaries by State

Resolving which occupations are the highest paying isn't as clear as appears. So we chose to clear up a lot of the confusion by assembling this guide to the States with Highest Average Salaries in America. This list have been made given an average salary of between $ 80.000 - $ 30.000.

Top States with Highest Average Salaries

When the going got tough in the job market in the past few years, many employees were forced to just stick it out no matter how frustrated they were about their pay or workload. Well, let's just say all that hunkering down has left many employees with cabin fever. Analyzing "Top Jobs in America" was one of the top new year's resolutions of 2014.

Before you go blasting out the resume, you might want to take a look at the jobs landscape.

What are the best jobs?

Overall, what you see is most of the jobs break up into two categories - high tech and health care. A lot of the health care, and even some of the non-health care, tie in to the aging population. Almost every one of these jobs with a couple exceptions are benefiting from aging baby boomers.

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Michigan Average Salary

Michigan The state of Michigan offers a large number of job opportunities in the automotive manufacture, financial services, and agriculture industries. If you consider moving to Michigan, here we provide you with key information about salaries in this state. Moreover, you can access to our database of highest paid jobs, and compare salaries by industry or profession. Access to our salary resources section, and read interesting tips for salary negotiation.

For those interested in working and settling in this beautiful state full of lakes, we recommend to have a look at this website. Here users can compare salaries and read interesting tips for salary negotiation letters. Whether you are about to accept or decline a job offer in the state of Michigan, you should first take a look at this website. Remember that you can access to the comparison salary section and find out industries that pay high salaries.

Average salary in Michigan: $ 85.196

California Average Salary

California This site provides users with information and key data on salaries in the state of California. Here professionals can access to a large database of salaries categorized by industry and state. Whether you need information about salary negotiation requirements or salary negotiation tactics, here you will find all you need. Navigate through this site and discover useful tips for salary negotiation and access to salary surveys. If you need specific information about California minimum wage or highest paying jobs in the state of California.

California is a great place where many companies are headquartered, thus you can find interesting job opportunities here. However, it is important to know salary trends within this state. That’s why here we bring you factual data on current salary matters, so please visit us and use the Average Salary and check out listings of salaries.

Average salary in California: $ 47.386

Georgia Average Salary

Georgia The state of Georgia has the largest economies in the USA, moreover, it is home of worldwide renowned corporations that generate innumerable job opportunities. If you would like to live in this state, here we bring you up-to-date information related to salary negotiation and salary rakings. Moreover, here you can find tools to compare salaries, and handy tips for writing salary negotiation letters. For instance, if you are a pharmacist, you can find out what the education salary in Georgia is.

Furthermore, you can access to our database of minimum wages and average salaries, as well as rankings of highest paid jobs in diverse industries. Take a look at this site and discover industries that pay high salaries. Use the salary calculator tool, and check out highest paying jobs in the government, healthcare, insurance, automotive manufacturing, and engineering, to name but a few. At the same time, you can compare pharmacist salaries by industry.

Average salary in Georgia: $ 46.002

Maryland Average Salary

Maryland Considered among the wealthiest states in the nation, Maryland concentrates an approximate 400 corporations engaged in the biotechnology industry. If you have moved to this prosperous state, we advise you to check out average salaries and highest paid jobs in Maryland. So in order to give you a hand with this task, here we gathered all information you need to know about salary negotiation and salary rankings. Moreover, you can access to the salary resources section which includes salary negotiation tactics, as well as tips for salary negotiation letters.

On the other hand, users can compare salaries, in this way they know which industry pays more than others. For example, if you are looking for a job in the manufacturing or healthcare industry, navigating through this website you can find out which one pays high salaries. If you are keen on looking at this information, browse through this website.

Average salary in Maryland: $ 40.620

Florida Average Salary

Florida Widely known as the Sunshine State, Florida is among the most popular states in the USA; it has plenty of job opportunities in a variety of industries. Today this state is home to large corporations engaged in many industries, inter alia, aerospace, banking, accounting, biotechnology, graphic arts, and financial services. For those interested in working for companies based in this state, here we have interesting information about the average monthly earnings and lists of highest paid jobs in this state.

Whether you need to know about Florida minimum wage or Education average salary in this state, here we provide you with all factual data on earnings and rankings of highest paying jobs. Add to this, users can use the Average Salary tool so as to find specific salaries by industry and profession. Remember that here you can compare salaries by industries and access to handy tips for salary negotiation, as well as salary negotiation letters.

Average salary in Florida: $ 38.751

Texas Average Salary

Texas Since its last oil discoveries the state of Tennessee has become a flourishing economy. Moreover, it is among the highest gross state product in the nation nowadays. If you are professional looking for job opportunities in the healthcare, education, energy, technology, automotive and financial services industries, this site provides you with relevant information about salary rankings by profession in the Lone Star State. Add to this, there you will find some relevant articles about salary negotiation.

This website contains all data on salary trends; therefore you can become well-informed about average salary and rankings of the highest paid jobs in the state of Texas. Additionally, you can compare salaries by industry or career. Get access to this information and other useful and interesting salary resources. Whether you are looking for the highest paid jobs or the average salary by industry, this site has all you need to ace your salary negotiation interview.

Average salary in Texas: $36,236

District of Columbia Average Salary

District of Columbia In Washington D.C, you will find a lot of federal jobs. However, it is possible to find other jobs that are not federal. If you would like to be involved in finance, public policy, scientific research, you will realize that these industries are becoming increasingly important in Washington, DC. This is why it is logical to say that Washington D.C is becoming a diversified economy that gives you many opportunities to find a job in different fields of work.

This page pretends to give you information about current salaries in diverse areas as well as the average salary in the District of Columbia itself. Knowing the average salary may give you a clear-yet not exact- idea about the possibility of having a stable, solid salary. Some of the companies that exist in Washington are: Pepco Holdings, C-SPAN, The Advisory Board Company, Washington Gas, etc.

Average salary in District of Columbia: $ 35.897

Maine Average Salary

Maine Widely known by its prosperous shipbuilding industry, the state of Maine is home to numerous large corporations. Maine offers a large number of job opportunities in a variety of industries, inter alia, construction, consulting services, education, aerospace, advertising, and healthcare. If you would like to work for a company based in Maine, we suggest that you have a look at rankings of highest paid jobs by industry within this state.

This site was created with the aim of providing users with factual data on salaries by industry and state. Here you can find many salary resources in order to submit the right salary negotiation letter and ace your salary negotiation. Furthermore, you can compare salaries by profession, for instance, comparing teacher average salary with nursing average salary, among other salary comparisons. Visit us whenever you need some information about salaries and salary negotiation.

Average salary in Maine: $ 35.295

Virginia Average Salary

Virginia The state of Virginia offers innumerable job opportunities in the accounting, healthcare, manufacture, nursing and driving industries. If you want work for a large corporation engaged in the energy industry, you should know if that industry really pays good salaries. This website can provide you with the information you need to apply for the right industry. Add to this, here we listed the highest paid jobs in the state of Virginia.

For those who have two or more salary offers, it is recommended to take a look at this website. Compare salaries from different industries and careers, access to the best pieces of advice on salary negotiation. On the other hand, if you need some help with your salary negotiation letter, it is strongly recommended to visit the salary resources section. Find a great deal of information related to salaries and much more navigating through this site.

Average salary in Virginia: $ 33.946

Delaware Average Salary

Delaware Bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, the state of Delaware is known as the First State since 1787. Today this state has a strong economy boosted by the agriculture, banking, healthcare, automotive manufacturing, and farming industries. If you consider moving to Delaware, we recommend that you start by navigating through our website. Here you will find a great deal of information about salaries. Moreover, you can access to the salary guide, as well as the salary resources section.

Users can make comparisons between salaries from different industries and states. For instance, they can compare Accountant average salary in the construction or energy industry. This website contains all you need to know Delaware minimum wage and highest paid salaries within this state; moreover, it provides you with the Average Salary tool and other handy tips and resources.

Average salary in Delaware: $ 31.604